• Cathedral of San Pedro de Riobamba

    Catedral de San Pedro de Riobamba, Jose Veloz, Riobamba, Ecuador .

    The Cathedral of Riobamba, symbol of Catholic religiosity and the syncretism of indigenous and Spanish culture. Get to know this tourist place that has murals by Oswaldo Viteri and Pérez Esquivel.

  • Colta lagoon

    Laguna de Colta, Colta, Ecuador .

    The Colta lagoon is located in the Colta Canton of the Chimborazo province, within the central Ecuadorian highlands. It has an approximate area of ​​275 hectares and inside there are several species of native birds and a great variety of multicolored fish.

  • Museum and Cultural Center of Riobamba

    Museo Centro Cultural Riobamba, Jose Veloz, Riobamba, Ecuador .

    Known as the Central Bank Museum in Riobamba, the brand new MCCR is the most important archaeological museum in the central Sierra of Ecuador. Immerse yourself in the culture and knowledge.

  • The Volcano Altar

    Volcan Altar, Ecuador .

    El Altar is a volcano in Ecuador where you can practice trekking and climbing, an interesting route to visit the lagoons. Find here the information of this tourist place near Riobamba in the province of Chimborazo.